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Mustang (Cutler, #5) H.V. Elkin

Mustang (Cutler, #5)

H.V. Elkin

Published May 1st 1985
ISBN : 9780843922349
192 pages
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 About the Book 

Cutler rides into the town of Thermopolis to meet a man about a job. The first folks he runs into are Butch and Sundance standing outside the Hole In The Wall saloon. He announces hes looking for Dave Baker, you see him, send him over to the Irish saloon, a high class place, one of the four Iris Shannon owns in Wyoming territory. Butch says hell bring him over if he runs into him.As luck would have it, iris was at the Irish, she makes a regular circuit of the four. They reconnect and he gets a bath, shave, and a new set of clothes. As per usual, the old are sent out to be burned.Cutler doesnt know what the job is about, Baker was closed mouthed in the telegram, but he soon learns when Butch brings a black man, Baker, into the Irish and the three set down for a drink and to discuss the job.Baker is a small rancher and all the ranchers in his area are having a problem with a mustang stallion, they call Mesteno, who keeps raiding their ranches and adding mares to his harem. The animal aeems smarter than normal, at least all their efforts to capture him have come to naught, and Baker had convinced them to call in an expert.Cutlers not sure he wants the job. He understands freedom and he feels a kindred spirit in the magnificent stallion. But some elements want to shoot the mustang and all his mares, figuring they wont be any good having returned to the wild.He finally agrees the next morning and heads out with Baker.Ben Harmon is the largest rancher. He wants the mustang captured, figuring it would be a valuable animal. His daughter,Ellen, a willful woman, wants it kept alive, spirit unbroken. The foreman, Tom Chase, of the ranch wants two things, Ellen and the horse dead. She wants nothing to do with him.Cutler cant use any of his many traps this time. A new plan is called for, But Chase keeps getting in his way. He senses Ellen is attracted to Cutler and he cant have that.Liked this one.