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Doing What Comes Supernaturally Peter Laurence

Doing What Comes Supernaturally

Peter Laurence

Published April 3rd 1992
ISBN : 9780860659303
224 pages
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 About the Book 

I read this before, many years ago. Recently Ive been reading it - rather slowly, over several weeks - and found it very interesting.The subtitle is Learning to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, and thats what the book is about, in a nutshell. It combines anecdotes from the authors experience of learning to minister in this way, wise advice which he has gathered over the years, and Biblical principles.As one a bit unsure about anything new or unexplained, I found this book - once again - reassuring. Its not preachy or pushy in any way. The author is an Anglican, and believes in the importance of structure and calm while at the same time allowing God to do whatever he wishes.Recommended to anyone interested in this topic.