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The Caretakers 2 Adrianna White

The Caretakers 2

Adrianna White

Published December 4th 2012
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 About the Book 

DescriptionThe Caretakers 2The Social WorkshopBattle Cards was created to turn an ordinary deck of playing cards into a brand new and exciting game that people of all ages can enjoy. Allow yourself to be drawn into the fantasy world we’ve created and battle against friend and foe alike. Playing the game is easy. All you need is one deck of playing cards and this instructional manual. Choose exciting pre-made characters, or use your imagination to create your own characters, each with their own bonuses and penalties, special attacks and devastating spells. Collect the spoils of war with each win and start that quest to become the paragon of a true warrior. Not everyone has what it takes to reach those lofty heights. Do you?The Caretakers have ruled the land for over a hundred years now. The great grandfather of the current duke was given his title by the pope, himself. Unlike the duke that reigns now, the great grandfather earned his title. At least that’s what one vassal managed to convince the cloth. The duke wishes to corrupt the will of the people and force his will upon them. His tyranny will no longer no unnoticed, and with the bishop’s help, you’ll cleanse the land of his ill doings. Will the vassal have what it takes to triumph over his own blood? Will the knight manage to keep honor in place after such a bloody battle? What of the other citizens? How long will they yield to the growing tension? Not very long it seems, because the Knights Templar have just arrived. Everybody run.This standalone expansion includes 4 new bonus characters and ups the play count to a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 8 players. It is not required to purchase the original game as this updated manual contains the full version of the game.Number of Players: 2 - 8Estimated Playing Time: 45 Minutes